Unlocking Predictive Maintenance Potential

In a recently published global corporate survey from Verdantix, executives identified predictive maintenance and asset performance management (APM) software as 2 out of the top 3 technologies they plan to increase investment in the next 12 months.

While there is currently an extreme level of ‘hype’ for AI Analytics in the industrial market, the survey results demonstrate organizations understand that applying AI in targeted use cases such as Predictive Maintenance can drive rapid value creation.  Lowering unplanned downtime, optimization of maintenance resources, and running equipment more efficiently to support net zero goals are all proven outcomes when using AI in industrial settings.

The key challenge in capturing this value has been the cost and complexity of building and scaling the analytical models at the core of these use cases.  At Itus Digital, we have solved this challenge by uniquely integrating AI with asset strategies and providing a visual modeling approach that can be easily used by equipment experts.  The asset strategy provides the blueprint for what to analyze and the equipment expert provides the knowledge to identify a failure risk is emerging and how to mitigate when that occurs.

Read the full Verdantix report here.