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Our Purpose

APM strategies for every asset

Our collective passion for protecting people, the planet, and profits is what drives our purpose.  And our years of experience with countless companies worldwide and across industries provided the foundation for our vision. We envisioned a purpose-built asset performance management platform. We desire to see an APM strategy for every asset.


What makes us different is our ability to cut through the hype to focus on helping companies simplify their asset strategies. More importantly, by creating a platform that doesn’t require IT or specialized expertise, plant professionals can build an asset twin in minutes. With digital asset twins, companies have a clear path to assess failure risk accurately, proactively identify emerging threats, and take corrective action.


Too many times, companies either hesitate to invest or ramp up an APM program only to have it stall. Through these experiences, we learned that the solutions were complex, challenging to use, and required IT sources or additional staff to manage them. So, we decided to pioneer a more practical and sustainable approach. In short, we have redefined how companies control risk by fusing operational context with digital asset twin technology. Consequently, companies can include all assets in their APM strategy regardless of class or category. In turn, they create a safer, sustainable, and more productive working environment.

Our History

Customer-driven innovation

Over the last 25 years, our founding members had the privilege of growing in a formidable industrial digital market. Our roots span from building simple equipment databases with reliability metrics to more recent efforts with fleet-wide predictive analytics. We have experienced APM’s evolution and impact on production environments from power turbines and everything in between and across industries.

An APM strategy for every asset

Looking back, we find it amazing to see how the Asset Performance Management market has advanced and matured.  Unfortunately, we have witnessed the increasing complexity, cost, and effort that many solutions require to start and sustain. We believe that most are trapped in “The Innovators Dilemma.”   Specifically, they are broadly defined, complex to implement, expensive to license, and a nightmare to maintain and enhance.


It is these challenges that have truly limited APM’s full potential.


Yet, some advancements continue to push the industry forward, such as the ISO 55000 standard, the proliferation of equipment sensing, data analytics, and the continued progression of computing infrastructure with Moore’s law. Altogether, they help reduce complexity and cost. But it is ironic that where APM is concerned – they have not.


We founded Itus Digital based on the desire to offer a simple, practical platform that optimizes industrial equipment performance. And we wanted it to be flexible enough to leverage built-in knowledge through models and libraries and fit the requirements of any industry.

Our innovation journey continues. More importantly, we are motivated by the opportunity ahead to ensure digital asset twins are available to manage any critical industrial asset.

Looking for a Career?

We believe that great companies are made up of great people. So, if you have a passion for excellence, the curiosity and creativity to innovate, and the desire to protect people, the planet, and profits, we might be your next adventure.

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