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We are industry veterans maniacally focused on driving rapid expansion of Asset Performance Management and Digital Twin programs through innovative solutions.  Our applications provide a practical and effective approach to ensure our clients can fully unlock the potential of their industrial assets while reducing risk and optimizing costs.

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Ensuring value creation to your business


Asset Strategies aligned to credible failure risk and implementation of proactive approaches such as condition-based maintenance to responsibly optimize your maintenance spend and capital investment.


Dynamic monitoring and analysis of equipment condition allows emerging failures to be detected and appropriate prevention activities to be implemented, which reduces downtime and ensures predictable production.


Active management of operating excursions which dramatically impact asset condition and integrity can mitigate business risks and ensure compliance to your environmental and safety program goals.

Pragmatic Differentiation

Existing Asset Performance Management and Digital Twin solutions are complex to implement, expensive to maintain, and many rely on machine learning and “black box” approaches which are not necessary to drive value for many industrial use cases.  The Itus solution is based upon proven engineering principles, designed for use by your equipment experts, and provides an architecture which simplifies implementation and scales with your business.


Mitigate asset failure risk and emerging threats through one application which integrates risk, asset strategy, and digital twin management while leveraging your existing systems.


Embedded, Digital Twin Library supports 181 equipment classes with fully defined and extendable failure modes, activities, and analytics to accelerate time to value.


On-premises and cloud deployment options coupled with usage-based licensing empower you to scale the implementation and solution costs to your specific needs.

Our Solution

The Itus solution is designed to fully unlock the value of Asset Performance Management initiatives through a unique solution focused on fusing engineering context, analytical models, and simplicity in implementation.   We leverage your existing data and systems and fully enable the experts in your organization to catalog their domain knowledge through asset strategies which actively manage the risk of asset failure across your organization.

The Itus solution drives a practical process which guides you through the design, implementation, and management of robust asset strategies and digital twins.  Our seamless application workflow and ease of use simplifies the entire the asset strategy life-cycle from risk identification to ongoing mitigation allowing you to focus optimization instead of implementation.


Identify the assets that matter for application of digital twins.  Assess dominate failure modes which must be mitigated to ensure your business mission.


Employ our Twin Library and modeling capabilities which are purpose built for your experts to apply within your operating context to guard against failure risk.



Utilize real time indicators, health scoring and excursion event logging to actively analyze the current state of your assets, their strategies and detect emerging threats.


Act upon proactive advisories and insights generated from digital twin monitoring to mitigate credible failure risks and govern your strategies across all systems.

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