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Ensuring Your Asset Performance Management Program’s Success

What does it take to create an effective APM program? Our team of seasoned consultants averages 20+ years of in-depth asset health, maintenance, and risk mitigation experience. Having worked with clients worldwide and across industries, they have the know-how to help you successfully implement your Asset Performance Management program.  At Itus Digital, our mission is to empower your organization with best practice processes and tools.  We help you accomplish your goals to optimize your industrial asset performance – quickly and without draining your resources.  And, we are committed to quality, integrity, and accountability in our deliverables. Your success is our success.

Rapid Start Program

Not all asset performance management (APM) programs are created equal. One common drawback for many is the amount of time and resources required to get your program up and running. Then the challenge is keeping your program running to see results. Enter our Rapid Start Program. Our deep bench of experts understands how to identify program pitfalls and resolve them quickly.


Already have an APM program in place or struggling to produce results? Our Rapid Start program can establish optimal asset strategies and activate digital twins in hours instead of days. See our simple, low-risk, and effective approach to kick start your APM initiative. Let us help you successfully implement an effective asset performance management program.

Valuable Targets

Uncover high-value assets by analyzing historical failure rates, maintenance costs, and potential business impacts.

Asset Strategy

Assess asset failure modes, preventative activities, and protections to create accurate risk profiles and optimize costs.

Failure Risk

Activate and monitor Asset Twins to prevent asset failure, conduct proactive maintenance, and boost asset uptime and performance.


Rapid implementation and organizational adoption are our key deployment goals. Our deployment model gives you a straight, smooth path to achieve both by leveraging industry best practices. We tailor our services to meet your unique asset performance requirements. As a result, you gain successful data integrations, rapid user adoption, and a faster investment return.


The first step is developing a plan. Our planning process drives the alignment of business processes, system architecture, and organizational resources using a collaborative approach. Specifically, we work with your team to define the optimal technical landscape, resource and enablement needs, and project scope. This step aligns your asset performance program deliverables with stakeholder objectives.


Whether hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premises, our deployment process gets you up and running quickly.  Our implementation services include tenant provisioning, server installation, and user activation. The benefit? Your organization avoids the costs and effort associated with traditional enterprise systems.


Our team brings data from your existing EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), Historian, Scada, Time Series, and BMS systems. How? By using standard and configurable data integration capabilities. But the unique benefit is our platform’s flexibility. We can quickly tap into your internally developed data lakes, spreadsheets, and other data sources to drive our analytical models.


Like most companies, your team is a valuable resource often stretched to the limit. So, finding time to learn asset performance management best practices while performing their regular duties is a challenge. That’s why our enablement model uses scalable digital and virtual techniques to quickly bring your team up to speed.  We flatten the learning curve for minimal disruption. Plus, our platform offers In-application tutorials. Your team can learn on-demand as they need it and when it is most convenient.

Asset Twin Development

One of the best ways to learn is by “doing.” After identifying the high-impact assets, we work with your internal experts to activate the initial Asset Twins.  But we don’t stop there. We guide your team through the entire Itus APM process on actual use cases. By leveraging real-world scenarios, your team gets a solid foundation and education.


This approach empowers your team to expand your APM program to include more assets. You get maximum uptime, reduced risk of asset failures, reduced asset maintenance costs, and fast value creation.


After getting your initial asset performance management program in place, the next phase is sustaining it. We offer a variety of service packages designed to extend your internal expertise.  Whether you need a particular skill set to fill a temporary gap, to expand your team’s expertise, or are looking to expand your program, our staff is available and ready to help.


From simple “how-to” questions to technical configuration advice, our team is always available.

Asset Twin

In addition to creating more digital asset twins, our support team can define, activate, and fine-tune them. This service helps you expand the scope of your APM initiative and continue building value for your organization.


Our team can monitor your digital asset twins. Specifically, we will review advisories, assess the situation, and, if necessary, take action.

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