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Ensuring APM Program Success

Our team of seasoned consultants have spent the past two decades serving clients around the world ensuring the successful implementation of Asset Performance Management programs.  Our mission is to empower your organization with best practice processes and systems to accomplish your goals to optimize the performance of your industrial assets.  We are committed to quality, integrity and accountability in our deliverables.

Rapid Start Program

Looking for a simple, low risk and effective approach to kick start your APM initiative?

Our program establishes optimal asset strategies and active Asset Twins in hours.

Valuable Targets

Analyze historical failure rates, maintenance costs and business impacts and target high value assets.

Asset Strategy

Assess failure modes, preventative activities, and protections for optimal cost and risk profile.

Failure Risk

Activate and monitor Asset Twins to prevent failure and ensure preventative maintenance compliance.


Utilizing industry best practices, our deployment model ensures rapid implementation and adoption of Asset Performance Management in your organization.  Our services are tailored to your needs to ensure successful data integrations, user adoption and activation of Asset Twins.


Our planning process drives alignment of business processes, system architecture and organizational resources for successful deployment of your APM solution. Our team will work with you to define the optimal technical landscape, resource and enablement needs as well as project scope and ensure alignment of stakeholders to program deliverables.


Whether hosted in the cloud or deployed on premise, our process will get you technically deployed rapidly.  Our services include tenant provisioning, server installation, and activation of users to your specifications without the costs and effort associated with traditional enterprise systems.


Through the use of standard and configurable data integration capabilities our team brings data together from your existing EAM, Historian, SCADA, Time Series and BMS systems.  We can also quickly tap into your internally developed data lakes, spreadsheets and other data sources to drive our analytical models.


Our enablement model utilizes scalable digital and virtual techniques to quickly bring your team up to speed on APM methodologies without disrupting their normal duties.  In-application tutorials are always available so your team can learn on demand as needed.

Asset Twin Development

Our team collaborates with your experts to activate initial Asset Twins on high impact assets to ensure rapid value creation and quick payback.  Your team is facilitated through the entire Itus APM process on actual use cases to provide a foundation and learnings you can use to rapidly expand your program.


Once your initial APM program has been put into place, we offer many sustainment services to extend your internal capabilities and ensure ongoing value creation as your program matures and evolves.


From simple application ‘how-to’ questions to technical configuration advice, our team is always available to help.

Asset Twin

Definition, tuning, and activation of Asset Twins to continually expand the scope of your APM initiative and value creation.


Our team will monitor your Asset Twins to ensure advisories are reviewed, assessed, and acted upon.

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