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Our Platform

The Itus Digital Platform

Practical APM for Every Company

Our platform features asset twin technology which helps companies rapidly build effective APM strategies and optimize the performance of their assets.




We place the power of Asset Strategies in the hands of your subject-matter experts. At the same time, we leverage and enhance your existing Historian, EAM, and APM applications.  Our platform offers:


  • A practical business process which leverages risk-based and reliability engineering principles
  • Rapid deployment and ease of use which ensures adoption and continuous improvement 
  • Easy integration to your existing business processes and data sources


The result?


One integrated platform for you to manage your asset strategies, detect emerging threats, and mitigate asset risk. In short, we help companies reap the benefits of APM with our digital asset twin technology.


Best of all, with Itus Digital, your business mission is enhanced with:


  • Lower equipment downtime
  • Optimized maintenance spend
  • Lower risk to people and planet
  • Improved worker productivity


Drive improved asset performance with our Asset Twins.

Quantify your asset risk

Asset Risk Analyzer quantifies your risk and identifies targets to improve reliability
  • Identify assets performing below industry benchmarks
  • Determine which assets present the most risk to your plan
  • Quantify the impact of enhancing asset reliability
  • Perform What if analysis to determine best improvement option

Manage and monitor asset strategies

Everything you need to mitigate failure risks on your assets.
  • Centralized management of failure modes and asset strategies
  • Embedded indicator, analytics and simulation engine
  • Monitor current asset health, efficiency and activity compliance
  • Automatically trigger prescriptive actions when threats emerge
Advisory Management

Mitigate threats with Advisories

Complete visibility to all active failure risks.
  • Team collaboration on corrective actions and resolutions
  • Management of prescriptive recommendations
  • Automated collection of triggering evidence and risks
  • Integrates to work and service management applications
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Protect assets and industrial knowledge

Rapid deployment with embedded failure modes, analytics and prescriptive actions
  • Embedded and extendable library covering 200+ equipment types
  • Structured approach to capture and replicate your SME knowledge
  • Import and enhance your existing asset strategies and PM plans
  • Extendable to support corporate standards, operating context, and OEM recommendations.

Fleetwide management of APM program

Manage bad actors, risk and advisories across all of your assets
  • End to end governance of your APM program and goals
  • Easily track your risky, costly, and unhealthy assets
  • Ensure visibility to program wins and lessons learned
  • Predefined and configurable dashboards

The Itus Digital Difference

See the difference with our purpose built architecture.  Our solution is easy to use, deploys in minutes, and scales to your specific needs.

To Use

Through prescribed workflows, modern interface, and in-application tutorials, your team will be productive quickly.


Standard and extendable connectors leverage your existing EAM, Historian, OPC, and Time Series data sources.


On-premises and “any cloud” deployment options provide flexibility while complying with your security standards.

Pay As
You Go

Usage-based licensing means you only purchase what you need. Easily add more assets as your APM program matures.

Looking to improve the performance of your assets?

Give us 30 minutes and see how integrated asset strategy and twin management can drive your reliability program.

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