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Pattern Protections

Introducing the most intuitive AI solution for anomaly detection

A powerful machine learning engine which directly enables asset managers to minimize failure risks at scale.

  • Visually build, test and deploy AI models in minutes
  • Detect patterns and conditions which identify emerging risks
  • Prescribe mitigation activities when threats emerge

Empowers equipment and operations experts to capture and scale their knowledge

Our approach uniquely combines AI with the Asset Strategy

Machine learning models require full context to be effective:

  • What risk does this asset present to the business?
  • How does it fail?
  • What symptoms indicate potential failure?
  • What mitigations address the threat?

Leverage AI to analyze large volumes of operational and condition data to get in front of unexpected equipment failures.

ITUS APM offers all the vital functions that one needs from risk assessment all the way through predictive and prescriptive maintenance, with actionable recommendations. I haven’t seen a simpler, more easy-to-use, yet powerful and sophisticated APM solution

Joe Perino, Industry Analyst – PERTEX

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Visual AI Modeling: Practical and effective anomaly detection for reliability engineers

AI is one of the hottest topics out there today. In the industrial space, one of the biggest challenges to scaling AI is engaging equipment and process experts without the need to wrangle data, write code or have specialized data science skills. Join us in this interactive webinar to see how new visual modeling techniques can enable Reliability Engineers to quickly develop and deploy anomaly detection analytics as part of their Asset Performance Management program.

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