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Improving asset reliability & performance

What is in Your Reliability Toolbox?

There are many tools for you to choose from when it comes to improving asset reliability and performance. And, the right tool is the one designed to address the problem you need to fix. The Maintenance Disrupted podcast (July 20th) with hosts Steve Dobie and Blair

Four reasons to utilize the Itus Asset Twin Library

Itus digital recently announced the availability of the Itus Asset Twin Library and Marketplace to help industrial organizations drive standardization and best practice approaches to improve equipment availability and optimize operational costs.  If you are looking to improve the performance of your assets or drive

A Machine Learning Agorithm Walks into a Bar…

A machine learning algorithm walks into a bar…

Have you heard the joke about the machine learning algorithm that walks into the bar? Bartender asks, “What’ll you have?” Algorithm says, “What’s everyone else having?” While the joke is not truly characteristic to the use of machine learning in asset performance management (APM) applications, it does highlight

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Over the last year we have often been asked about the origin of our company name, Itus (pronounced ‘eye-tus’).  So as a short post to end the year here is some insight. First, some context.  We believe the most important aspects of asset performance management initiatives

Itus Digital Announces Acquisition of nextAPM

Itus Digital Announces Acquisition of nextAPM

Itus Digital and nextAPM join forces to provide integrated solution which enables rapid deployment and ongoing value creation of Asset Performance Management initiatives at scale. Itus Digital today announced the acquisition of nextAPM to support the growing demand for the implementation of its Asset Performance Management

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