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Itus Asset Twin Library

Predefined asset strategies and twin models ensure rapid time to value

Over 200 of the most common industrial asset classes make up the Itus Asset Twin Library.  Based on domain expertise and strategy definition, the embedded asset library enables fast twin implementation. So instead of needing days and IT resources, you can have asset protection up and running in minutes. The Itus Asset Twin Library contains failure modes, preventative maintenance activities, analytics, and prescriptive actions that you can tune to your assets’ operational context.


The result? A rapid time-to-value cycle.


The setup is straightforward. Whenever you need to protect an asset from failure, pull a model from the library. Then map it to your operational and maintenance data sources, adjust for operating context, and activate. Itus Digital will monitor the asset in real-time and notify you if any threats emerge from that point forward.


Asset Twin Models

Covering common industrial equipment classes, including base failure rates.


Failure Modes

Common failure mode definitions which can be extended based upon strategy development rigor.



Activity and Condition protections that include scope, interval, and analytics to guard against failure modes risk.



Interval, condition and analytic driven triggers to notify and advise of emerging failure risk based on protection definitions.



Prescriptive advisories that provide proactive warning of failure risk which can be tuned to your organization and operating context.

Itus Asset Twin Marketplace

A secure platform to develop, collaborate, and share asset strategies and twins across industrial stakeholders

Investing in Asset Performance Initiatives can seem daunting. First, there are the time and resource requirements. Then there are organizational changes to accommodate the initiative. So, the ability to quickly implement and recognize a return is vital.


The Itus Digital Asset Twin library allows you to leverage existing domain expertise and model libraries that specify failure modes, prediction analytics, and prescriptive actions.  Since many existing libraries are either limited in scope, proprietary to suppliers, or fragmented across various technology platforms, Itus Digital offers an Asset Twin Marketplace.


Seeded with the Itus Asset Twin Library, the Marketplace provides a collaborative environment for continually optimizing asset strategies across organizations and industrial stakeholders.

asset twin library

Asset Operators

Intellectual capital is the value of a company’s employee knowledge, skills, training, or proprietary information that provides a competitive advantage. Hence, by definition, it is an asset.


That is why our asset performance management platform, combined with our Marketplace, empowers you to take full advantage of your intellectual capital. Being able to share domain expertise and best practices regarding failure risks, preventative maintenance across your organization serves to boost your return. Armed with our Marketplace, you can tap your teams’ deep knowledge by defining, sharing, and enhancing best practice asset strategies and twin models – consistently and at scale.

asset monitoring


As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you fully understand your assets’ engineering designs. And you are the best resource for prescribing the right maintenance programs to keep your assets performing at their peak.  Consequently, the  Digital Twin Library & Marketplace is the perfect place for you to help your customers. It allows you to offer continually updated digital asset strategies, collaborate directly on potential failure risks, and provide managed services to enhance parts and maintenance agreements.

asset activity-based protections

Service Providers

As a Service Provider, your customers trust you with their assets’ installation, care, and performance. As a trusted business partner, your unique knowledge and expertise can give them a distinct competitive advantage.


The Itus Digital Marketplace gives you a clear way to offer your customers a dynamic and collaborative asset performance environment. With it, you can continually review maintenance practices, assess current asset conditions, and directly engage with your customers’ experts to ensure your deliverables see implementation and value creation.

Join Our Marketplace

Are you an Asset Operator, Original Equipment Manufacturer, or Service Provider looking to build and collaborate with others on asset strategies and asset twin models?  Connect with us to learn more.