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Asset Performance Management

Strategies for Selecting APM Solutions

A brief history of Asset Performance Management   Asset performance management started as early as the mid-1960s with very early versions of systems known as CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems).  Developers originally built these solutions to help with the complicated task of coordinating people and performing industrial

Our Asset Twin Library

A Practical Approach for Digital Asset Twins

In today's market, many buyers find the term "digital twin" confusing. What they need is a practical approach for building digital asset twins. So many vendors beef the concept up with 3D modeling, virtualization, augmented reality, and machine learning analytics or artificial intelligence.  But these

A Machine Learning Agorithm Walks into a Bar…

A Machine Learning Algorithm Walks into a Bar…

Have you heard the joke about the machine learning algorithm that walks into the bar? The bartender asks, "What'll you have?" The algorithm says, "What's everyone else having?" Machine-Learning in Asset Performance Management This joke is not genuinely characteristic of machine-learning in asset performance management (APM) applications. But it

our initial product release

Innovating Again!

Here at Itus Digital, the team is working hard to wrap up our initial product release scheduled to launch in 30 days and designed to support effective APM. We have spent the last ten months researching, designing, and coding the Itus Digital platform. Further, we