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Integrating Experts and Equipment

Enabling continuous optimization of asset strategies
Current solutions are not truly enabling you:


  • IIoT Platforms focus on infrastructure and components requiring you to develop, implement, and maintain software applications in support of APM and digital twins.


  • OEM solutions invest in proprietary models for their specific equipment, seek to optimize their service/parts agreements, and do not address most of your equipment population.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications require intensive consulting projects and curated datasets that only solve for bespoke equipment problems.


  • Broad and complex software portfolios are not only expensive, they are often difficult to use, maintain, and upgrade.
Itus Digital offers a refreshing perspective:


  • We believe the key to APM value realization is a managed process and approach which truly aligns the experts with machines, not a broad monolithic application, specific algorithm or 3D visualization.


  • We offer asset strategies and digital twins, which supports most industries, equipment types and OEM’s without exposing your data and intellectual property to your suppliers.


  • We leverage proven risk and engineering principles, which can scale with your existing resources to ensure systematic improvements and avoid science projects.


  • We focus on simplicity in implementation, alignment of solution cost to value delivered and ensuring customer success.

Purpose Built

Itus Digital provides a simple and effective solution which integrates risk, asset strategy and digital twin management to enable condition-based maintenance, predictive and operational risk management that leverages your existing systems.  Itus provides continuous management of the entire asset strategy and digital twin life-cycles in one integrated solution.  We ensure strategies address key business risk, actively manage emerging threats and drive governance of mitigation activities in real time.


Itus maximizes productivity of industrial experts and engineers by providing modeling capabilities which are purpose built to address common risk and asset performance management use cases with minimal assistance from data scientists or programmers.  Our Twin Language offers the perfect blend of analytical workbench functions and reliability engineering context to drive rapid development of analytics which model equipment operating context, failure risks, thresholds, excursions, and mitigating actions.  From point-and-click options for simple rule-based models to advanced scripting, our twin modeling capabilities provide the perfect balance of sophistication and practicality to cover all levels of requirements.

Library Driven

The most important factor in the development of an effective digital twin is the inclusion of equipment and domain expertise which quantifies how an asset fails, the method to detect potential problems, and what actions to take to remediate emerging problems.  In addition, we believe cataloging this industrial intellectual property in a centrally-managed library is the key to scaling strategy and digital twin initiatives, it is why we have embraced the library-driven concept as the basis of our approach and solution.


At the core of the Itus solution is an embedded Twin Library which supports 181 equipment types and can accelerate the implementation of your digital twins.  The Twin Library is fully extendable so you can capture your specific operating context, leverage results from previous strategy development efforts or model specific recommendations from your OEM’s.  In addition, we offer unique and intelligent twin modeling capabilities which automatically notify of existing library elements which may be useful to leverage during twin design.  These ‘hints’ can include failure modes which may be missing for an asset type or analytics which underpin common health indicators.  Our intelligent library approach allows for maximum reuse of library components, speeds development, and simplifies ongoing maintenance and updates of twins.

Flexible Deployment

From a technical perspective, our architecture allows you to direct the optimal deployment model for your business requirements.  On either side of your corporate firewall, we offer deployment options which can efficiently manage 25 or 1 million assets:


  • On-Premises deployment allows you to manage all data and infrastructure within your data centers, putting you in complete control of infrastructure, data security, and system management.


  • Private Cloud deployment provides you flexibility to leverage infrastructure and services from your cloud vendor of choice (Azure, AWS, Google) while still managing the application to your corporate guidelines.


  • The Itus Cloud offering provides all infrastructure, support, backups, and upgrades, allowing you to focus on business requirements and value creation.  Simply leverage our secure edge integration to feed the cloud system.


From a licensing perspective, our simple usage based subscription model allows you to be in full control of application cost.  Minimize licensing risk and unnecessary cost with licensing based upon actual usage, ensuring you to only pay for what you need.

The Itus

Twin Model

Itus offers a Twin Model and development process which integrates asset risk, real-time analytics, and mitigation plan to manage assets from a new perspective.  The model provides a structured definition which virtually represents the business strategy for an industrial asset in addition to the analytical methods and management of current risk and emerging threats

Define Risk

Model Protections

Manage Insights

Conditional Based Maintenance

Reduce maintenance spend up to 30%

Leverage sensors and field inspections to drive a proactive approach to optimize maintenance activities and reduce risk.


  • Initiate maintenance based upon actual equipment condition


  • Monitor high consequence failure modes and reduce unplanned events


  • Reduce time-based maintenance activities

Failure Prediction

Get in front of failure and increase availability

Utilize analytical models to asses current operating conditions, detect potential failures before loss of function, and initiate failure prevention activities.


  • Reduce potential production losses due to unplanned equipment failure or poor quality


  • Minimize reactive maintenance which can be up to 4x the cost of planned maintenance


  • Increase valuable response time for targeted corrective action

Operational Risk Monitoring

Manage impacts from operational deviations

Monitor operational changes which exceed equipment design specs and align operations and engineering teams on risks.


  • Increase visibility to the equipment risks which emerge when excessive changes in operations occur


  • Lower risks associated with worker safety and environmental sustainability and ensure compliance with regulator standards


  • Automatically initiate follow-up activities with engineering and inspection teams when risky excursions are experienced

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