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Why Are Digital Asset Twins Important?

Interview With Virginia Technology Today

Jason and Joe recently discussing digital twins and tech startups with Eddie Amos at Virginia Technology Today.   Listen to the interview or read the transcript below to learn more Eddie:  Jason and Joe tell us more about ITUS and what is a Digital Twin? Joe:  Let’s start by

our initial product release

Innovating Again!

Here at Itus Digital, the team is working hard to wrap up our initial product release that’s set to launch in 30 days. We have spent the last 10 months researching, designing and coding the Itus solution and have been extremely fortunate with the outpouring

the history of asset performance management

Itus Digital The First Insight

In 1996, the very first Asset Performance Management User Conference was convened to bring together some of the brightest minds from the most progressive industrial companies in the world.  Our objective was to define how we could better protect people, the planet, and industrial profits

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