Itus Digital Announces Acquisition of nextAPM

Itus Digital Announces Acquisition of nextAPM

Itus Digital and nextAPM join forces to provide an integrated solution that enables rapid deployment and ongoing value creation of Asset Performance Management initiatives at scale.

Itus Digital announces its acquisition of nextAPM to support the growing demand for implementing its Asset Performance Management (APM) platform.  This purchase allows Itus Digital to expand client onboarding and provide critical support functions.

Who is nextAPM?

In 2018, a group of APM industry veterans founded nextAPM. Their goal was to provide Asset Performance Management consulting services such as implementing, upgrading, or enhancing APM systems. Since its founding, nextAPM has experienced continued growth.  They have served a deep market need by leveraging their extensive experience in data integration, system configuration, application support, and developing asset strategies and performance dashboards.

“Clients see nextAPM’s experienced team as trusted advisors. And they have a proven record of deploying successful APM projects large and small,” said Joe Nichols, President, Itus Digital. He continued, “As our client base continues to grow, nextAPM’s expertise is a perfect fit to support our rapid onboarding and service model.”  Nichols stated, ” More important, we are excited to have them join the Itus Digital team.”

Our Combined Strength

“We have worked with the Itus Digital team and are impressed with their new APM platform,” said Nate Underwood, Managing Partner, nextAPM.  He continued, “Further, as a combined team, we have a natural fit for our capabilities in data management, systems integration, and application support.” “Consequently, we plan to integrate with the Itus Digital platform fully,”  Underwood explained, “We also see a significant growth opportunity in the APM consulting services market through expansion of our offerings. This shift will accelerate asset strategies and twin models implementation.”  Underwood stated, ” And it is a core component of Itus Digital’s mission and vision. We’re excited to bring our decades of APM implementation experience to Itus Digital. Together we will continue our focus and energy where we believe it needs to be, on our clients.”

About Itus Digital

We are industry veterans maniacally focused on practical asset performance management. Our approach focuses on increasing profit margins while improving asset safety and reliability. By leveraging digital twins, we help companies define their asset strategy, detect emerging threats, mitigate asset risk, and extend asset lifecycle. And, our mission is to protect people, the planet, and profits.

About nextAPM

Founded in 2018, nextAPM helps clients find renewed success in their Asset Performance Management programs. Over the past few years, the APM consulting market has changed. The market has experienced reduced direct support and partnership that clients should demand from their service provider. Our goal is to meet those needs and exceed expectations through integrity and dependable quality.