Hexagon LIVE 2023 brings together industrial experts

We want to thank our hosts at the Hexagon LIVE Conference for the opportunity to sponsor and participate in such a well-attended event.  There was a huge range of technology that was showcased from engineering procurement and construction solutions to security and defense.  We saw great examples of how technology is being used to achieve an optimal division of labor between humans and machines.  Hexagon is putting an impressive amount of technological power in the hands of people and offer robust capabilities with their Asset Lifecyle Intelligence portfolio of solutions which manage the entire lifecycle of an asset from initial design to decommissioning.

Along with all this cutting-edge technology, Hexagon demonstrates how paying attention to fundamentals is also vitally important to customer success.  We had numerous Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) customers come by the Itus Digital booth to talk about the next natural steps in their asset management journey.  We learned how these organizations manage maintenance activities and react efficiently when things require attention. With Hexagon EAM in place, they have a solid foundation to drive the next steps of achieving an optimal balance between risk, cost, and performance of assets.  Now Hexagon EAM customers are asking themselves, what’s next?  How do we eliminate failures altogether and optimize maintenance activities based upon the current risk in the business?  Asset Performance Management (APM) is the additive business process to help achieve these objectives.

As a Hexagon partner, Itus Digital is ready to take these organizations to the next level in their asset management journey.  Itus brings the power of APM to mitigate risk to an acceptable level by operationalizing asset strategies.  With operationalized asset strategies, preventative maintenance and inspection activities are driven based upon current failure risk and early warning is provided when potential failure is detected.  Armed with asset strategies, industrial organizations can optimize the use of maintenance resources and minimize equipment downtime.

Itus Digital collectively has a generation worth of asset performance management experience and has strong ties to Hexagon from a technology perspective.  If you would like to learn more about how to drive APM processes from solutions such as EAM, SDx, and J5, connect with us here.  We look forward to the productive dialog we started at Hexagon Live and to next year’s conference where we will present the Asset Performance Management stories that began at #HxGNLiveGlobal 2023.