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Itus Digital The First Insight

In 1996, the very first Asset Performance Management User Conference was convened to bring together some of the brightest minds from the most progressive industrial companies in the world.  Our objective was to define how we could better protect people, the planet, and industrial profits with enterprise software solutions. At the time, we knew that we were working on some innovative approaches to shift the way we looked at industrial asset management.  We foresaw that we were planting the initial seed which ultimately created a multi-billion-dollar enterprise software category enhancing environmental sustainability, improving worker safety, and delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in value creation.

As we look at Asset Performance Management today, many organizations have the key foundations in place.  The assets are cataloged, maintenance is planned and scheduled, and many have implemented basic monitoring and inspection programs to identify potential problems.  One of the key value-drivers moving forward is to wrap these core processes with risk-based asset strategies which are digitally modeled to proactively monitor and identify risks to the business.  We believe a solution which provides capabilities to define asset strategies, model digital twins, and actively monitor risks is a key enabler for the next level of industrial asset optimization.



Today we are announcing the launch of Itus Digital.  We are a unique company formed from Asset Performance Management industry veterans who have a vision for a purpose-built solution to simplify and accelerate the adoption of Digital Twins to enhance value creation for Asset Performance Management initiatives. If you are passionate about improving equipment reliability and looking for simple yet effective approaches to implement and monitor asset strategies, connect with us, we may have something you are interested in!

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