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What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Over the last year we have often been asked about the origin of our company name, Itus (pronounced ‘eye-tus’).  So as a short post to end the year here is some insight.

First, some context.  We believe the most important aspects of asset performance management initiatives are the appropriate management of asset strategies as well as the implementation of protections to actively manage failure risk.

Too often we see customers heavily invest in the definition of asset strategies but stumble on the actual implementation and governance of the mitigating actions in the strategies which is where the true value is realized.   We seek to fix that by providing an ability to easily define your asset strategy but more importantly offer capabilities which also actively monitor your maintenance plans, equipment condition, operating state and corrective actions.  We call these monitors and analytics “Protections” and they are the key to ensuring you have mitigated the known risks to your assets and business.

When we founded the company we researched several ideas for names and once we learned of the Greek God of Protection, Itus, we knew his name was a great fit for our company.  As described in Greek mythology, Itus was the quiet and humble protector of Apollo – one of the most important Gods and son of Zeus.  Armed with two swords and a vow to protect Apollo with his life, Itus ensured any potential threats were identified and mitigated allowing Apollo to forever ward off evil.

Itus Digital, quietly protecting your assets from failure risks through strategies and asset twins.


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