Haul Truck Digital Asset Twin Solution

Itus Digital & Wabtec Announce Strategic Partnership

Combined capabilities optimize the performance of mining equipment

Itus Digital and Wabtec are partnering to deliver Asset Performance Management, APM solutions, for the mining industry by combining Itus’s APM platform with Wabtec’s mining equipment expertise. This dynamic combination enables mining organizations to deliver predictable production, optimize maintenance activities, and reduce operational risk.

Mining Industry Challenges

The mining industry continues to see cost volatility, tight margins, and high demand. This situation requires mine sites to maximize their industrial asset use to meet business objectives.  APM solutions help miners address these challenges. How? By empowering them with optimal maintenance strategies, managing equipment health in real-time, and driving proactive corrective actions when they detect failure risks.

“A key objective for our customers is increasing throughput while managing operating costs. Consequently, Asset Performance Management has become a key approach to driving competitive differentiation,” said Henro Van Wyk, VP & GM of Wabtec Digital Mine.  “Itus Digital has one of the most experienced teams in the APM sector and their solution reflects their expertise. This partnership allows us to deliver a practical, fit-for-purpose solution to our customers and enable them to maximize their return on capital.”

Digital Asset Twins for Mining Equipment

The Itus platform models and manages failure risks, preventative maintenance plans, and condition indicators. Specifically, it leverages digital Asset Twins for mining equipment such as haul trucks and conveyors.  And, it offers a real-time view of operating conditions and work history while providing prescriptive actions to avoid failure upon threat detection. By working together, the result is a practical APM solution that addresses the unique mining industry needs.

“Wabtec’s equipment expertise, sensing capabilities, and global reach to the mining market are a perfect fit for our APM solution,” said Joe Nichols, President, Itus Digital.  “Key enablers to ensuring rapid ROI include access to equipment data, embedded domain expertise, and close collaboration with customer asset management teams. In all, this partnership delivers on all aspects.”

About Wabtec:

Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) is focused on creating transportation solutions that move and improve the world. The company is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the freight, transit rail, mining, marine, and industrial industries. Wabtec has been a leader in the rail industry for over 150 years. Its vision is to achieve a zero-emission rail system in the United States and worldwide. The company has approximately 27,000 employees located at facilities in 50 countries throughout the world. Visit Wabtec’s website at: https://www.wabteccorp.com/ .