Reliability Toolbox

Podcast: What is in Your Reliability Toolbox?

When it comes to improving asset reliability and performance, what is in your toolbox? Like most people, there are many tools to choose from, plus a few odds and ends. But, the truth is you only need one. The right tool for the right job. The one designed to fix your problem at hand.

This July 20th Maintenance Disrupted podcast hosted by Steve Dobie and Blair Fraser sets out to cut through the noise around the people and technologies fueling reliability and maintenance. In this particular episode featuring Chris DeFalco, they dive into what tools are available to us in the “Reliability Toolbox.”

Too often, it is easy to overlook the primary and sometimes most effective tools for the job at hand. What causes this phenomenon? Listen to their lively conversation covering maintenance optimization, predictive maintenance, and machine learning algorithms. Learn about the importance of first determining which assets and failures to focus on. Then, apply the most effective tool or tools to manage the failure risks successfully. Discover how technology advancements have impacted the toolset and its application. When used appropriately, the result is improved asset reliability and performance.

We thank Steve and Blair for inviting Chris to participate in this episode. More important, we applaud their work in sharing their maintenance and reliability expertise. Maintenance Disrupted is an original podcast. Blair Fraser, co-founder and former wrench–turner–turned technology evangelist, and Steven Dobie, born and raised in heavy industry and known for his ground-up approach to getting the job done, co-host it.

This industry-savvy due designs each episode to educate through stories with special guests from technology founders to technicians working on the equipment every day. For more reliability information, visit

Listen to the Maintenance Disrupted Podcast here.