Four Reasons for Twin Library

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Itus Asset Twin Library

Our company’s mission is to help industrial organizations drive standardization and best practices for improving equipment availability and optimizing costs.  Some organizations do not know how to get a successful APM program off the ground or maintain it long-term. We designed our predefined Asset Twin Models to do just that. Below are four specific reasons outlining the advantages.


Fast track RCM, FMEA, and PM Optimization Efforts

First, organic strategy development programs utilizing RCM or FMEA methods can require valuable time and resources to complete. Suppose you are looking to establish your initial preventative maintenance (PM) program or optimize existing plans. In that case, predefined Asset Twins provide a great starting point. They fast-track these efforts and ensure you drive maintenance based upon dominant failure modes for a given asset type.


Operationalize your asset strategies

Second, most predefined asset strategy templates focus their definitions on failure modes and mitigation activities. For instance, preventative maintenance inspections and overhauls are good examples. But, what if you had templates that directed what conditions to monitor, how to evaluate those conditions analytically, and what prescriptive actions to drive when you identify a failure mode risk?  The Itus Asset Twin Library offers complete digital Asset Twin definitions to not only define your maintenance plan but to fully operationalize your asset strategies with conditions, analytics, and prescriptive actions.


Collaborate and continually improve

Third, optimized asset strategies are rarely static or finished once initially defined. You should review and revise them using insight from actual operating experience, input from equipment experts, and updated OEM recommendations.  The Itus Asset Twin Marketplace enables secure collaboration between your experts and suppliers. By working together, you can standardize asset strategies across your organization.


Get more from your existing solution investments

Fourth, there are many solutions in the industrial asset management space that can benefit from standardized and optimized asset strategies. Enterprise asset management (EAM), asset performance management (APM), condition monitoring, and inspection software all function better when known failure modes and associated risks direct its activities.  You can deploy elements from the Itus Asset Twin Library to many EAM, APM, monitoring, or inspection applications. By doing this, you ensure that your optimized asset strategy drives execution in your various asset management systems.