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Western Virginia Water Authority

APM Solution Drives Key Insights through analytics

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What if water became unaffordable?  Events of the last several years have made us think about the vulnerability of supply chain, labor, and disruptions to essential services.  Even in some developed nations, rates for public utilities have increased to a level above what’s affordable for many.


Fortunately, the water services sector – which includes urban water supply, wastewater, and stormwater services – has a mission to deliver affordable, clean, safe water.  The sector has increased its focus on the care, feeding, and performance of assets and infrastructure, as a vital part of this mission.  Western Virginia Water Authority (WVWA) is no exception.  Improvements in Asset Management are essential to their mission to service their tens of thousands of customers.


They worked with Itus Digital to establish access and visibility to data that didn’t previously exist.  It would enable them to improve how they balance investments in new assets, programs, and services while providing the required funding for repair and replacement of existing water assets.


WVWA and Itus Digital developed a plan together that included several vital elements:


  1. Update operational and maintenance strategies for critical assets,
  2. Integrate several disparate data sources,
  3. Establish a more complete view of asset health and performance,
  4. Generate new insights and elevate the quality of decision-making. 


Within a few days, the Itus APM (Asset Performance Management) solution was in place and working well.  The success of this plan enabled the team to operationalize asset strategies, resulting in improved machine health and runtime for critical assets, and the ability to verify the results.


Today the Itus APM solution enables a continuous process that compounds the organization’s collective understanding of the care, feeding, and fitness of their assets.  The process continues to expose opportunities to improve the quality of decisions and the confidence to make them. Asset Management improvements like these will allow WVWA customers to continue to enjoy a dependable supply of safe and affordable water over the foreseeable future.