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Itus Asset Twin Library

Predefined asset strategies and twin models to ensure rapid time to value

The Itus Asset Twin Library contains domain expertise and strategy definitions for over 180 of the most common industrial asset classes .  Curated for quick implementation as Asset Twins, the library contains failure modes, preventative maintenance activities, analytics, and prescriptive actions which can be used as is or adjusted for your requirements.  Whenever you need to protect an asset from failure, simply pull a model from the library, connect to your operational and maintenance data sources, adjust for operating context and activate.  From that point forward, Itus will monitor in real time and let you know if any threats start to emerge!

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Asset Classes

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Failure Modes

asset activity-based protections

Activity Based Protections

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Condition Based Protections

Itus Asset Twin Marketplace

A secure platform to develop, collaborate and share asset strategies and twins across industrial stakeholders

The key enabler to ensuring quick implementation and value capture for Asset Performance Management initiatives is to leverage existing domain expertise or libraries which specify failure modes, prediction analytics and prescriptive actions.  The challenge is that existing libraries are limited in scope, proprietary to suppliers and fragmented across various technology platforms.  Seeded with the Itus Asset Twin Library, our Marketplace provides a collaborative environment for the creation, sharing and continual optimization of asset strategies across organizations and industrial stakeholders.

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Asset Operators

As an owner and operator of industrial facilities or fleets, sharing domain expertise and best practices regarding failure risks, preventative maintenance, and learnings across your teams is key to maximizing value.  Our Marketplace provides the platform for the experts across your business to define, share, and enhance best practice asset strategies and twin models consistently and at scale.

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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you fully understand the engineering design and prescribe recommended maintenance programs for the assets you sell to your customers.  Through the Itus Marketplace, you can offer continually updated digital asset strategies, collaborate directly on potential failure risks as well as offer managed services to enhance parts and maintenance agreements.

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Service Providers

As a Service Provider, you provide a unique perspective to your customers on maintenance best practices and effectiveness.  With the Marketplace you can now offer your customers a dynamic and collaborative environment to continually review maintenance practices, assess current asset condition and directly engage with your customers experts to ensure your deliverables see implementation and value creation.

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