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Our Application

The Itus Application

A plan for your strategies

Our application accelerates the process to define and ensure governance of asset strategies at scale.  We place the power in the hands of your subject-matter experts while leveraging your existing Historian, EAM, and APM investments.  We designed our App for simplicity in implementation, risk-based principles to drive positive business impact, and to provide embedded expertise through libraries which promote easy scaling across large asset populations.


Itus offers one integrated application to define your asset strategy, detect emerging threats, and mitigate those threats.  We help ensure your business mission by reducing risk and improving asset performance.

Assess Risk
Define and assess equipment & failure mode risk.

Assess Risks

Quantify asset risk and critical failure modes
  • Establish asset objective and operating context
  • Determine asset risk profile
  • Define dominant failure modes
  • Determine failure mode risk profiles
Protect Asset
Define protections to actively manage failure mode risks.

Protect Assets

Implement failure risk protection through analytics
  • Establish critical indicators and analytics, that measure asset health and exposure to failure risk
  • Define conditional thresholds, excursions, and advisories that trigger proactive remediation
  • Leverage Asset Twin Library to accelerate implementation for your operating context
  • Tune models and adjust for operating context with historical simulation capabilities
Monitor Twin
Monitor emerging threats, conditions and asset health

Monitor Twins

Proactively monitor asset health and threats
  • Analyze current and historical health through indicators
  • Automatically log excursion events exceeding thresholds
  • Initiate mitigation activities triggered by analytics on thresholds and cumulative excursion event criteria
  • Simulate and reset indicator thresholds and excursion events to optimize protection
Mitigate Threats
Manage threats and actions to remediation and document learnings.

Act on Threats

Govern all mitigation activities to closure
  • Visibility to all advisories for remediation of emerging threats
  • Collaborate on advisories and activities with teams remotely and across shifts
  • Advisories and health monitoring provide direct line-of-sight to both potential risk and collective evidence for remediation
  • Leverage advisory history for continual learning and optimization of asset strategies
Strategy Library
Holistically manage asset strategies.

Embedded Asset Twins

Predefined asset strategy and twin models for rapid deployment
  • Covers 181 of the most common equipment classes
  • Defined failure modes, preventative maintenance activities, analytics and prescriptive actions
  • Models that are easy to apply, reuse and reference when modeling Asset twins
  • Extendable to support corporate standards, operating context, and OEM recommendations

Technical Differentiation

The Itus application has been technically architected to overcome the challenges many have experienced with outdated enterprise software solutions.  Our solution is easy to use, deploys in minutes, is easy to upgrade and scales to your specific needs.

To Use

Through prescribed workflows, modern interface and in-application tutorials your team will be productive quickly.


Standard and extendable connectors leverage your existing EAM, Historian, OPC, and Time Series systems and data sources.


On-premises and ‘any cloud’ deployment options provide flexibility while compiling with your security standards.

Pay As
You Go

Usage-based licensing allows you to only use and purchase what you need and easily scale to more assets as your program matures.

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