Time to mitigate your failure risk.

Asset Risk Analyzer has determined which assets presented the most risk to your business objectives.  It is now time to take the next step to mitigate the failure risk through the use of Asset Twins.


With Asset Twins you can manage failure modes, implement maintenance and monitoring plans and ensure you are fully aware when failure or operational threats present themselves.

Upgrade to Itus APM now!

Upgrade to Itus APM and get complete Asset Performance Management capabilities for your riskiest assets.


Highlights include:

  • Risk-based approaches to optimize asset strategies
  • Health monitoring and anomaly detection to predict potential failure
  • Use of prescriptive actions to quickly resolve emerging threats
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Manage and monitor asset strategies

Everything you need to mitigate failure risks on your assets.  Deploy Asset Twins to manage failure modes, monitor conditions and automatically prescribe corrective actions when threats emerge.


Highlights include:

  • Embedded analytic and simulation engine
  • Monitor asset health, efficiency, activity compliance
  • Automatically trigger prescriptive actions


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What is an Asset Twin?

Mitigate threats with advisory management

Comprehensive advisory management ensures visibility to all active failure risks for your assets.  Advisories drive management and documentation of evidence, actions, and resolution to stay in front of asset failure.


Highlights include:

  • Automated collection of evidence from any triggering event
  • Prescriptive actions can be forwarded to work management systems
  • Team based, collaborative model to share knowledge and drive resolution


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Advisories drive reliability improvement.

Advisory Management

Fleetwide analysis of your APM program

Predefined and configurable dashboards to drive program goals.  Manage your bad actors, know what assets present the most risk and ensure pending prescriptive actions are managed to completion.


Highlights include:

  • End to end governance for your APM program
  • Track risky, costly and unhealthy assets
  • Visibility to program wins and lessons learned

Rapidly protect assets with embedded industrial knowledge

Rapidly deploy Asset Twins from our library of curated failure modes, analytics and prescriptive mitigation activities.  Our pre-defined asset strategies cover 200+ of the most common equipment types.


Highlights include:

  • Embedded and extendable library covering 200+ equipment types
  • Import your existing strategies and PM plans
  • Structured approach to capture and replicate your SME knowledge