Identify your riskiest assets

Determine which assets present the most risk to your plan and quantify the opportunity for improvement.

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  • Identify the riskiest assets to your plan
  • Know which assets are performing below industry benchmarks
  • Quantify the impact of unreliability


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Asset Risk Analyzer
Benchmarked Assets

Benchmark your performance

Analyze your asset performance against industry metrics to identify improvement targets.  Focus your optimization efforts on the assets not meeting reliability targets.


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Identify riskiest assets to your plan

Set your failure risk threshold and see exactly what will prevent you from making the plan.  Evaluate the next production run or an annual budgeting cycle and drive improvements where it counts most.


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Asset Risk Results
What If Risk Analysis

Quantify impact and opportunity

Analyze the financial impacts due to equipment unreliability and determine opportunity for improvement.  Run what if scenarios to quantify the potential savings you will gain from reliability improvement efforts.


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Implement Asset Strategies to improve performance

Capture the savings opportunity by implementing strategies on the assets which are high risk and performing poorly.  Drive Asset Strategies to mitigate potential failure risks and ensure optimized maintenance activities are in place.


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Asset Twin