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Itus APM Process

Are Your Industrial Assets Misbehaving?

Under pressure to lower maintenance costs?

Need visibility to operational asset risks?

Asset failures impacting production?

Our Solutions Can Offer Immediate Help

The Itus solution drives a practical process to quickly define asset strategies, monitor equipment health and mitigate risks. Designed for reliability and maintenance professionals, the solution is easy to use, deploys quickly and allows you to focus your efforts on getting in front of asset failures before they occur.

Improve Asset Integrity by Assessing Risks
Define and assess asset and failure mode risk
Monitor Digital Asset Twins to optimize asset health and performance
Monitor emerging threats, conditions and asset health
Protect Asset by implementing failure risk protection through analytics and digital asset twins
Define protections to actively manage asset failure mode risks.
Act on Asset Threats. Govern all failure mitigration activities to closure.
Manage threats and actions to remediation while documenting learnings.

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