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Verdantix Reviews Itus Digital APM Solution

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The asset performance solution category has a wide range. Its management scope spans from on-machine sensing for performance diagnostic to maintenance workforce and spare parts management to predictive analytics to perform condition-based maintenance (CBM) or reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) analysis. And, this landscape includes specialized tools such as calibration maintenance or dead inventory disposal.


Choosing the Right One Has Challenges

The first step for an organization is to determine what they want to do and the goals they want to achieve. Depending on resources and skillsets, some companies can complete this step independently. Conversely, others need to leverage a consultant or vendor for help.


Next, the organization identifies applications, solutions, and/or platforms to help them achieve their goals. However, understanding the options and vendors available can be a time-consuming struggle. Consequently, finding the best fit means knowing the right questions to ask. For example, platforms using artificial intelligence can offer the latest approach in solving APM challenges. But they come at a price and are not worth the investment if the organization doesn’t need them. There is a difference between “nice to have” versus “have to have.” (see our blog post “Machine Learning – the Truth Behind the Hype“.


Leveraging Analyst Reports

That’s why Verdantix published its series of reports covering asset performance vendors. Their latest edition is “Itus Digital Differentiates with an Innovative Approach to APM.” Written by analysts Malavika Tohani and Rodolphe D’Arjuzon, the report is one in a series covering software providers for APM.  It provides critical insights and recommendations for industrial organizations looking to enhance their existing asset management initiatives.


Highlights include:

  • Integration with existing systems and sensors
  • Active Asset health monitoring for failure prevention
  • Risk-based approaches to optimize maintenance
  • Use of prescriptive actions to quickly resolve emerging threats


Who is Verdantix?

Since 2009, Verdantix has been an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in environment, health, safety, quality, and operational excellence. The firm’s research helps executives, technology experts, and services leaders make sound fact-based decisions.

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