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Our Purpose

A strategy for every asset

Our collective passion is to protect people, planet, and profits by delivering a purpose-built solution that simplifies asset strategy and digital twin implementation.  We work to meet industrial companies’ needs to expand their application of Asset Performance Management.  To that end, we are redefining the how they manage asset and operational risk through innovative solutions using practical approaches.  Our solution fuses risk and equipment context with digital twin models enabling our customers to optimize maintenance strategies, increase equipment availability, and drive safer and more sustainable working environments.

Our History

Customer-driven innovation

Our founding members have had the privilege to participate in the creation of a very formidable industrial digital market over the last 25 years, Asset Performance Management. From our roots in the 1990’s building simple equipment databases with reliability metrics to more recent efforts with fleet-wide predictive analytics on power turbines and everything in between, we have had great opportunities to innovate.

An APM strategy for every asset

Looking back, we find it amazing to see how the Asset Performance Management market has matured along with its continued positive impact on industrial productivity.  Unfortunately, we have also seen first hand the level of complexity, cost, and effort that is currently required to stand up and sustain APM programs.  These challenges have truly limited APM’s full potential.  We believe that most APM solutions are trapped in “The Innovators Dilemma.”   In that they are broadly defined, complex to implement, expensive to license and a nightmare to maintain and enhance.


The irony here is that there are significant influencing factors that should be reducing complexity and cost, such as the emergence of the ISO 55000 standard, the proliferation of equipment sensing, and analytics, and the continued progression of computing infrastructure with Moore’s law.


Itus Digital was born from the vision to offer simple, effective solutions that optimize industrial equipment performance and are easily leveraged by any industry seeking an APM or Digital Twin solution.  Our innovation journey now continues, and we are motivated by the opportunity ahead to ensure digital twins are available to manage every critical industrial asset.

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Our Leadership Team

Jason Cline

Co-Founder & CTO

Prior to founding Itus Digital, Jason was Vice President of Applications leading the global engineering organization for GE Digital’s Applications portfolio, including Historian, HMI/SCADA, MES, APM, and OPM.  Jason was responsible for technical aspects of the product lines, regular product release delivery, long term technical strategy, and leadership responsibility for 400+ engineers around the world.  During his time at GE, Jason established technical and delivery best practices across the combined engineering organization and won GE’s Edison Award for his innovations in the APM space.  Before GE, Jason spent 20 years growing the Meridium engineering organization.  Over those 20 years he was responsible for the product’s overall architecture, bringing new product technologies to market, and establishing a highly productive, mission-focused engineering culture.  Jason is active in the technology community and has authored numerous publications, magazine articles, and books on software development.


Jason received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia School of Engineering.

Jason Cline

Joe Nichols

Co-Founder & President

Prior to forming Itus Digital, Joe was the COO, VP Product Strategy at GE Digital, where he oversaw strategic growth planning, managed the software portfolio strategy, and ran key functions including Product Marketing, Business Unit Digital Solution Management, and Business Operations.  He came to GE Digital through the acquisition of Meridium, where he spent 21 years driving the creation and go-to market strategies of innovative Asset Performance Management solutions adopted by world-class industrial organizations.


Joe received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Information Systems from Radford University.

Joe Nichols, strategy

Chris DeFalco

Head of Product

Prior to joining Itus Digital, Chris was the Senior Director of Product Management leading GE Digital Asset Performance Management (APM) industrial solutions, including Meridium and SmartSignal.​  Prior to GE, he served customers as part of Meridium for 18 years in various roles with increasing responsibility in both Services and Product Management.  Chris launched several innovative solutions in the areas of risk-based strategies, asset health, mobile APM, and machine learning analytics to extend Meridium’s APM product portfolio and market position.​  Prior to Meridium, Chris served as a site practitioner of asset maintenance and reliability engineering in both the process and manufacturing industries.​


Chris received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College (PA).  He has attained Product Management Certification (PMC) through the Pragmatic Institute and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP).

Chris DelFalco

Paul Tulou

Engineering Leader

Prior to joining Itus Digital, Paul was Director of Software Engineering leading several teams in developing modules and features for Asset Performance Management and Predix.  He has a combined 10 years experience with Meridium / GE Digital in various roles, with increasing responsibility in engineering. Paul led the software development teams for many areas of APM, including strategy, health, policy manager, rounds, thickness monitoring, and RBI. Prior to Meridium, Paul wrote software for a variety of industrial sensor and diagnostic applications.


Paul received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Paul Tulou, APM

John Renick

Head of Industry Solutions

Prior to joining Itus Digital, John was the Vice President of Product Management leading solution development for Symphony AzimaAI.​ Prior to Symphony Azima AI, he oversaw digital twin development for GE Digital and has worked with customers in numerous industries including power generation, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, packaged goods, aviation, chemicals, healthcare and pulp and paper.  He came to GE Digital through the acquisition of Meridium, where he spent 20 years working with customers and partners developing and implementing performance management, condition monitoring and digital twins in the Asset Performance Management space.​


John received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Radford University. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP).

John Renick,An APM strategy for every asset

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